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Our professional team of experts, tax advisors and service personnel, who have a lot of seniority and experience in the world of taxation, will accompany you personally until you find the complete solution that will lead to the exhaustion of your rights.

We will check your data, submit the forms for you, give you a personally update and above all we will save you valuable time. You can perform an immediate eligibility check at no cost right now.

FINCO Financial Services was established at 2016 and has so far helped thousands of employees in Israel.

With great professionalism, while committed to achieving proven results, we will be happy to accompany you in the process as well.

Opening and closing of the business
No extra charge, as part of an annual report
without additional payment
Submitting an annual report for the self-employed
In accordance with the requirement of the tax authorities, on all the required tax aspects. Reporting through a tax advisor will save fines, interest and of course mistakes that may happen from incorrect reporting.
From 107 ₪ / month
Ongoing accompaniment to a licensed dealer
Unlike an exempt dealer, a licensed dealer is required to make reports to the tax authorities, such as bookkeeping, VAT reporting, etc.
*Special benefits for new businesses
From 300 ₪ / month
Submitting reports to employees
Submitting a report that includes capital gains, rental income in Israel and abroad, trade in securities and other issues as required by the tax authorities.
From 97 ₪ / month
Reporting in countries of origin
Double annual reporting both in Israel and in the country of origin of the asset, or source of income. The countries in which our office specializes are: Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece
From 250 ₪ / month
Financial statement
A capital statement is a requirement of the tax authorities, and is, in practice, a reliability check of reports made by taxpayers. Therefore, a professional opinion of a tax consultant is required, who will verify the correctness of the capital statement against annual reports
From 112 ₪ / month
Tax returns
Eligibility for a tax refund can be both self-employed and salaried due to many issues, for example: living in a tax-eligible locality, academic degree, withdrawing a pension for which 35% tax was paid and more
Free inspection
Accounting services
Providing an accounting service for the business, in terms of payroll calculation, bookkeeping, and collection services
From 243 ₪ / month
All prices include VAT

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